Career Exploration Classes

It's been a season of discovery in the Career Exploration classes 
at Preston and West Side Junior High Schools!

Katie Purser of Tanglez Salon in Preston teaches students about a career as a cosmetologist.

             Human Services Cluster


Ron Smellie of Webb Mortuary in Preston 
answers a student's question about a career as a mortician.

Biotechnology career exploration: a hands-on experience...


Strawberry DNA starting to appear--


September 15, 2014--

“Today, you get to be biotechnologists,” Camille Jensen told her Career Explorations class at Preston Junior High.  

And after being briefed on lab procedures, students selected strawberries, stemmed them, placed them in a ziplock bag with some salt, and began to break them into pulp.  

They then added dish detergent to this “extraction solution” before straining it through a coffee filter into a clear plastic cup.  

Students then carefully poured chilled rubbing alcohol on top of the extraction solution.

And what to their wondering eyes should appear, but milky-white strands of none other than DNA… strawberry DNA.

Using a stir stick, students could lift out the genetic material and examine it more closely.

The class later shifted into a discussion about which careers work with DNA material and how students can gain training in this field.  The class then wrapped up with a film clip about a forensic scientist whose work with DNA evidence helps to solve criminal cases.

The Career Explorations class, offered to students in grades six through eight, is a new offering from Preston Junior High School, and proved so popular at school’s start that another section was added in order to meet demand.  

Camille Jensen, Maureen Larsen, and Kamille Kunz each teach sections of this new class for PJHS.

Julie Nash is launching this class for Beutler Middle School in the West Side School District.

Students can learn about a wide range of careers from hands-on experiences, and from insights by visiting industry professionals.

Because it’s never too soon to start on your dream of becoming a biotechnologist.

- Ellen Gregory